Squirrel Portraits

I’ve been on a real creative roll lately. Maybe working on the new series of Barbie Portraits is inspiring me. I decided it was time to try my hand at some serious squirrel portraits. I say serious because these are squirrels that I know and feed every day from my fire escape. This first series of portraits are all of Daisy who I’ve been feeding for several years and who I’m afraid has gone to that big oak tree in the sky . I know squirrels all look alike but for me that is the challenge. When I look at my many  squirrel photos  I can truly tell which ones are of Daisy. Her face had a weathered and wise look and I thought that  painting her in a traditional style would somehow give her dignity. I also decided to paint them a little larger than life, on 6″ x 6″ boards. I feel they have more presence that way. I’d say her head is about twice the actual size.It may give them a somewhat creepy aspect in real life but that doesn’t translate onto the screen I’m afraid so you’ll have to use your imagination.



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4 responses to “Squirrel Portraits

  1. These are true works of art and make me wish I had known Daisy. Few can render a squirrel so well.

  2. Gloria

    Nothing like a squirrel’s cheery countenance to revive me while stuck sitting for hours job hunting online. I do enjoy your work Lisa! xo

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