Christmas Inspiration

Now that Halloween is over I am trying to psyche myself up for Christmas. Halloween is just so inspiring for me with all the dark, macabre images it brings to mind. But Christmas is supposed to be merry and bright. My work  just doesn’t naturally go in that direction. So I turned to nostalgia which is always a big inspiration for me. I decided to try photographing an old squeaky Santa that my Mother used to put out for the holidays. Seeing his smiling, rubber face brings me right back to my childhood and I thought that might make an interesting portrait.  That got me looking on Ebay for more vintage squeaky Christmas items and it all went downhill from there. I am now the proud owner of a group of wierdly jolly, smiling rubber Christmas toys that are all waiting to be immortalized. I know they are a little creepy but I can’t help myself, that is what makes them so appealing to me. Here is a sample of what might become a curious portrait in the next few weeks…



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2 responses to “Christmas Inspiration

  1. Anne O'Donnell

    That elf is gross! And perverted (if a plastic inanimate object could be perverted!)

  2. can’t wait to see. It brings back memories of visiting NYC/NJ post Xmas, and all the total overthetop (ness) of American Christmas decorations! love it…

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