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New Blog Address

After much consideration I’ve decided to change my blog name to Curious Portraits so that it matches my Etsy shop . It just makes things simpler but I must admit I hate to see Studio Bingo go. So to see the on-going posts please visit :     I hope to see you there! Thanks!


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Every year I do a Halloween card featuring my poor, long-suffering dog Bingo. This year he is being stalked by a Nosferatu-like shadow while he quietly reads his Ghost Stories for Dogs.  Happy Halloween!


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Acorn Man Portrait

I have always been interested in anthropomorphic fruit and veggies. I love giving them faces, arms & legs. Essentially giving them personalities. When I was a kid I used to collect acorns and make little people with them using pipe cleaners and painting faces on them. Well last week I was out jogging by the Hudson and saw the acorns were ready and falling from the trees so I collected a bunch to give to my squirrels. (The ones I feed from my fire escape). I kept looking at the bowl full of them, admiring their smooth brown surfaces and remembering how I used to love them. That was what inspired me to immortalize one in a painting. To honor the humble acorn, a true symbol of autumn.

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In the spirit of the season I am continuing to explore the ghoulish side of my work. These 2 paintings were inspired by german composite (plaster, paper mache…) figurines from the 1920’s. They are all quite unusual and chillingly jolly. I look forward to beginning a new set this weekend.

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Here is the Jack O Lantern portrait finished as well as another figurine from the 1950’s of a cat and pumpkin. I can’t get enough of these jolly yet macabre Halloween decorations!

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Halloween Portraits

This is my favorite time of year, I get so inspired thinking about Halloween! I’ve always had a love of vintage Halloween decorations and have a nice collection of things mostly from the 40’s and 50’s (lots of Beistle made). I’ve recently been looking over things from the 20’s, mostly german made that are just gorgeous and soooo perfect for portraits! I must have 20 items sketched out so far but am starting with a few plastic ornaments from the 40’s the first of which is this Jack O Lantern. This is the sepia underpainting, color will follow.

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Pieps the Steiff Mouse portrait

I finished up this portrait yesterday and was so happy with it I scanned it with the paint still wet! I loved this mouse when I bought him from Ebay and I just knew he would make a terrific subject for a painting. I am working on the Steiff tabby cat portrait now…

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